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Sunday, June 7th, 2009

pebblesNovember 2004: Supreme Cat Show Gr Ch pushka1Murrmal Moonshadow was awarded her 2nd UK Grand Champion Challenge Certificate making her a full UK Grand Champion. She is Mum to Grand Champion Chichi Beethoven.

UK GR PR Chichi Pellegrini November 2003: GR PR Chichi Pellegrini was made UK Grand Premier at the Supreme Cat Show in. This now means that his full title is UK GR PR Chichi Pellegrini.

Please see below to view our roll of honour cats. We still have some more to add.

Chichi Cats Roll of Honour

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

Gr Ch and Gr Pr Chichi Papillon – Brown Spotted Tabby Devon Rex

TICA Quad Gr Ch Chichi Carabella – Chocolate Silver Tortie Tabby Devon Rex

Gr Ch and Gr Pr Chichi RadarFledermaus – Brown spotted Tabby

Ch and Gr Pr Chichi MungoJerrie – Black Smoke