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Feline Artist

Suzanne Le Good
Suzanne Le Good, Feline Artist with original designs.


Zhuzhy British Shorthaired Web Site
Zhuzhy cats specialise in spotted and tabby British Shorthairs in all colours including silver. Occasionally they have British Shorthaired Selfs.

Royalancer specialise in spotted and tabby silver British Shorthairs and Tonkinese in various colours.

Goldlay Birmans Web Site
Breeding Burmese since 1976, Birmans joined the household in 1980 and the Singapuras in 1998. Based in South Buckinghamshire, England

Bookends Cats
Siamese, Oriental and British Shorthairs

Breed Clubs

The Rex Cat Association Web Site
They are a GCCF Affiliated Cat Club, catering for the Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, La Perm and Selkirk Rex breeds.

Cat Information

The GCCF is the governing body of the Cat Fancy in the United Kingdom – the feline equivalent of the Kennel Club