Early Neuter

Early neutered kittens can go to their new homes and start the bonding process with their new families without separation/surgical anxieties.

Neutering early insures that kittens are examined thoroughly, thus adding to other Veterinary exams preformed on kittens prior to new placement, helping to ensure that nothing health wise has been missed.

Reduced pain level. Pain is significantly less in early neutered kittens, sometimes even appearing to be non-existent.

Less of a predisposition for inappropriate marking/spraying. This can be applicable to both boys and girls.

Lasting comfort in knowing that your kittens are indeed neutered and their are no unexpected surprises.

The healing process is much quicker at an early age. Kittens return to the breeders home and do not appear to notice that they have been for an operation.

Early neutering helps pet owners. Pet owners are usually happy to know that this surgery is already taken care of and it is one less thing you need to worry about.

This information was taken from the following TICA pdf Early Altering. Some changes have been made to fit with my own personal experience and does not reflect TICA or anyone elses views and experiences.