Devon Rex

bambamI have been breeding Devon Rex kittens for many years now and they are always naughty, in the sweetest way. They are very inquisitive and have “fingers” that seem to grab at everything. You will get ambushed by your kitten so beware! They enjoy indoor life and like to be involved in everything that you do. The coat does not give them much protection against cold weather, so this is yet another reason for them to be inside. They enjoy sitting on your shoulder and investigating anything that takes their fancy. They are a friendly bunch and if more than one inhabits your home, then they will all pile into the same bed together. They get on well with most other breeds but seem to be a particular favourite of Bengals according to my friend.

The coat in the Devon’s is totally different to the Cornish. The Devon has guard hairs that tend to be brittle and they have curly whiskers that appear short but also prone to break off.