Indoor Pets

We have had many a debate on this subject as we ponder whether we should sell a kitten to a family that will allow a kitten into the great out doors or whether we should stipulate an indoor home only.

Case for the Indoor Home

We have heard of many owners loosing much loved cats to a car accident, the cats had been left to come and go as they pleased. The owners believed they were doing the right thing, indeed there are many people who think it cruel not to let cats roam, with many cat charities still advocating cat flaps. I have never and will never allow my cats to roam nor will I sell a kitten to a home where this will be allowed, below are the reasons why.Please take time to read them.

Firstly cats are at risk from:

  • Disease & illness – thousands of cats die every year from feline related illnesses, these risks are dramatically lowered by keeping your cat indoors.
  • Accidents – with the increasing number of cars on the road today so the rate of cats being run over will increase even in rural areas. Furthermore cats may cause accidents when drivers have to swerve to avoid them. Cats are also at risk of other types of accidents outside which may result in death or costly vets bills, not to mention the heartache you will suffer.
  • Chemicals – There are a number of poisons that may kill or seriously injure your cat that are commonly used in large numbers on people’s properties ie lawn chemicals, weed killers, rat poisons, anti-freeze. Additionally many common plants are poisonous to cats.
  • Other animals – Other cats, dogs and wildlife may engage your cat in fights that may injure it resulting in costly treatment.
  • Humans– Sadly there are people who will harm a cat intentionally or even steal your cat to sell on to somebody else. Even cat lovers may entice your cat away perhaps believing it to be an unattended cat.

Secondly cats are a risk to:

  • Other animals – cats are hunters and they will see birds and mice as prey. A well fed cat doesn’t need to hunt and will not usually eat their prey. It’s much nicer to watch the birds than have them frightened to come into the garden.
  • Humans – cats will use children’s sandpits and other’s gardens as litter trays, which may cause harm to a child or pregnant woman. They may also be a nuisance to your neighbours i.e digging up their flowerbeds, breaking into the garbage etc.

The average lifespan of an outdoor cat is 3-5 years, compare this to the 15-20 years average lifespan of an indoor cat!! For more information read Housecat by Christine Church.

Information supplied by Lucinda King